Hydrogeologic Investigations

Hydrogeologic investigations focus on how surface and groundwaters enter, move through, and interact with the earth and man-made structures. They typically deal with subsurface geology, but can also involve surface geology, effects of climate, and ecological impacts.

Our hydrogeologists tailor investigations, ranging from local evaluations to regional studies, to address specific questions, such as:

  • how much storm water can a certain parcel infiltrate, and what is the fate of the water after it infiltrates?

  • where is the best area to develop a new well source?

  • will moving a water right from one source to another negatively affect other water rights or streamflow?

  • how will the surface and groundwater systems be affected by changes in climate?

Groundwater modeling is often used in hydrogeologic investigations. We can complete any level of groundwater modeling including analytical, analytic element, and numerical modeling codes.

Case Study:

PUD No. 1 of Chelan County - Auvil Property Groundwater Analysis